how to enable qualcomm diag port,flash tool,firmware and all the drivers available here that you can
download directly via MediaFire,Qualcomm flash file download.

Enable Qualcomm diag port

how to enable qualcomm diag port

1.Download Qualcomm enable diag port tool

2. Click Extract Tool

3.Install driver if you needed

4.Root your Android Phone From Root Tool Like Kingo root ETC.

5.Now Press 1 OR 2

6.Now Hit Enter

Qualcomm diag port

Most switches incorporate an implicit firewall that Enable Qualcomm diag port obstructs certain projects and administrations from running on the system. In spite of the fact that a business ought to never enable its PC hardware to interface with the Internet without a firewall set up, the security machine can keep gadgets from getting to valuable or vital applications. In the event that you are endeavoring to utilize a mission-basic program on your Android gadget however can’t interface in light of the fact that the related port is obstructed on the system, you can design the switch to permit your cell phone or tablet access to the administration.

Enable Qualcomm diag port

1. Tap “Settings | Wireless and Networks | Wi-Fi.” Touch the “Menu” catch and after that press “Progressed.” Write down the data to one side of the IP Address field.

2. Associate with the system from a PC, and after that snap “Begin | Control Panel | Network and Internet | Network and Sharing Center.”

3. Snap “Change Adapter Settings,” and after that double tap “Remote Network Connection.”

4. Snap “Subtle elements.” Browse to the deliver inclined to one side of “IPv4 Default Gateway.”

5. Enable Qualcomm diag port Enter your authoritative certifications to sign in to the switch. Select a choice, for example, “Applications and Gaming,” “Port Forwarding” or “Virtual Server” from the menu.

6. Make a name for the port and after that pick the suitable convention – transmission control convention, client datagram convention or both – from the related drop-down menu.Enable Qualcomm diag port

7. Enter the deliver doled out to the Android gadget into the IP Address field.

8. Enter the port you need to unblock into the proper fields. Put a check qualcomm alongside the new thing to empower it.

9. Select an alternative, for example, “Spare Settings” or “Apply Changes” to open the port on the tablet or cell phone.

Download Qualcomm Diag port Tool

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